Manchester, are you ready to par-tay?

You live in Asbo Pavillions, Jamie Thingy from the telly's making you eat salad, your school's full of zombies in hoodies and your Dad's a pure berk. In other words, life would be a proper minger if you weren't also secretly a famous international superstar DJ!

Safe, Sound, Dad

Welcome to the world of Safe & Sound: by day, ordinary kids; by night, the top under-12's sound system in the North West...

Safe, Sound, Dad

Starring John Thomson (Cold Feet, 24 Hour Party People, Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit), MC Sarah Sayeed and Courtney Pflasterer (Shameless), and featuring cameos from Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley (aka Radio 2's Mark and Lard) and urban bhangra stars Metz & Trix, Safe and Sound has characters anybody who's lived in the North West will recognise instantly. With big laughs, thrills, tears, some great music and loads and loads of zombies, your kids will love it, and it might just save their lives.


More copies distributed than a Number One single!

News update! 90,000 CDs were sent out to schools, nearly every kid in the North-West who moved up to big school last year got one!

Long page!


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Thursday, 20th September

cars could be made out of hard cousions soft enough for kidsso they only got a small bruse and i adore this site by the way:-)

Sunday, 16th September
I love safe and sound!

It's mayonazing and even though it's random I love what your trying to do! :D

Wednesday, 25th July
I think this is a good website

that will warn children like me so they can keep themselves safe but I think you should have more games on the site.

Wednesday, 4th July

Ive just been givin the season one dvd at school and it isreally good my best episode is welcome to the jungle

Sunday, 1st July

I have just recieved your cd-rom from my school. I havent played it yet but it looks really good.

Monday, 25th June

if u make future seris put sommat in about bike riding in

dj andybhoyz here

what y'all yuptie? dun me tunes oan decks but wannae publish it and be a DJs like tiesto.
lovin the diss n the mix
y'all should vote fur dj andybhoz
love y'all tah andy

Wednesday, 20th June
dis is da coolest website eva

and its safe and sound anyway U ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 15th June

I Went To Crucal Crew On The 14th June It Were Well Sikk I Went On The Disk It Well Phatt Man Gud Siite And Stuff Love

Sunday, 17th June
dear, Safe&sound u rock

thanx for helping me with my safe and sound stuff im much safer now

Wednesday, 13th June

I think it would be good if you had more games on the site and more safety quizzes.

Friday, 8th June

i think macking this cite and a cd i a good ider because it will kepp people SAF AND SOUND so keep up the good work!

Wednesday, 23rd May
You lot rock

you came to our school on 23/5/07 Daisyfeild primary school. Thanks to Mr.Campbell and Safe and Sound!!

Sunday, 13th May

this website is realy good I realy like it.I khow more on how to cross the road so I can get better at it iI go on it every day from hannah worrall xxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 22nd April
Safe & Sound is a wicked website

it teaches kids about how to, be safe but still have fun with out having to go to A&E.

Our school has been doing the safe and sound effect and it has, really made us think (mainly the infants).

So from now most of our school are going to be thinking about, what the safe and sound leason has told us.

Monday, 16th April
u guy are well wierd

who u tlk dont say init coz that is pafetic

Monday, 19th February
I tink safe n sound iz wcked

it relly elps lil kids wid der road snse!


i woz at scool an mi teacha gave mi da sfe n snd pc rom. Da ting is well naf do da sticas were ok


i love you why do you do this stuff because i love it is there a no2 comin out soon

Friday, 16th February
When is da Seris 2 comin out

If pos i can get it ...............................Fingers crossed, love it.......... Keep this work up lads (no affence safe, and lasses)


safe n' Sound - the Complete 1st Series is Sick man!
AJ Jack

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Thursday, September 20, 2007
Somebody said

ur random

Safe. And this is us on our best behaviour too, innit... it's not funny how random we are on a Monday morning.

Another ace visitor said

what you guys r din is nice but please stop trying 2 use cool words.:)good luck with ur site

Nice one! Majorly know what you mean, but this is how we actually talk here so we're a bit stuck with it!... Unless you want Dad to write it in a "still got love for the streets even tho'i be stackin' mad age" style :-)

Another ace visitor said

hi guys its me mr sound on the net jus sayin everyone out there keep play it safe but keep it sound thanks 4 wotchin

Puuuuuuuuul up! Our boy Courtney (aka the Voice Of Sound!) is in the house - nuff respect!

Friday, 11 August
The One and Only Safe said

I wanna see it!!!! The One and Only Safe

No way! Bona-fide Manchester superstar Sarah Sayeed (aka the voice of Safe!) in the house everyone!! Big ups Sarah, maximum respect! See you soon. Safe!

A fan said

wow safe & sound is ded cool cant wait 4 seris 2

Another fan said

i think this is a great idea because if kids go on it and decide to read it they will now how to keep them self SAFE AND SOUND !

Somebody confused said

hi wot is this site?????? its strange!!!!!!!!

Lol! Thanks! This is the web home of Safe and Sound, a cartoon series, a set of games, and a lifestyle! Ask your teacher for the cd-rom!

Somebody apologetic said

sorry to say this but i think u should make a game up to do with road safty or something to keep kids busy .

Don't be sorry! It's a mint idea! Anybody else out there wanna see games? Let us knowwwwwww, yo!

Wednesday, 26 July
Fatima Rani said

i fink safe and sound iz wikd!!ma skool giv me a cd!i luv da games but dat sad episode is very upsetin yo!!!luv

nicole said
hi safe and sound

i have your disc and i have been on it 3 times and it just rocks man.its a good way to learn people how to be safe and sound.and one last thing the wedsites so cool to

An anonymous game fan said

We need some games on here!

Hmmm... you know what, that's not a bad idea... not a bad idea at all...

An anonymous zombie fan said

The one with zombies was da BESSSTest it was verry funny liked it alot!!!

Yep, there's not much funnier than a good zombie! And to show you how much we like to hear from you, let's make that our Mint Free Stuff for this week - check it out at the bottom of the page - pure zombies for your computer!

Roger said

Yo Vaz it ur m8 Roger ave a gr8 holliday!

Bloomin eck, our mate Vasudev's getting fanmail now! Big ups happy hols to all of you!

Name hidden to save their blushes said

wuz up guyz u doin sommet if u got msn disma addy! ********@*********

No! No! No! Guys you've got to play it smart - there's more nutters on the internet than on a 192 night bus: NEVER give out your contact details online. No exceptions - it's always a bad idea. We don't chat or email with peeps we don't know in real life and you shouldn't either!

Please don't ever give your email or msn or anything out! Not to us not to anybody - we'll reply here, never by email or im.

Wednesday, 19 July
Jez said
Zombies, Zombie, Zombies...

Give us more zombies!

Vasudev said

if anybody comes 2 st. patrick's school - hi.

cya @ school tommorow

Tuesday, 18 July

safe and sound r simperly the BBBBBEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hia - this is great

Thanks, guys! Glad you liked Series One - keep checking back here for new stuff - if you've got ideas for things you'd like to see, you know how to let us know!

Monday, 16 July

Wicked serues their great the big school one was da best!!!!

This site rocks!!

And so does the CD!!I enjoyed it a lot! CARRY ON THE FANTASTIC WORK!!!

Naomi said
hi safe and sound


You know what? You guys are some of the very first people EVER to see the series, and you're the first EVER to check out the new site... so you blatently majorly totally rock too. Thanks! Safe. Sound


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